Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Morning Impact

Yesterday morning was a good Sunday morning. It was a little weird and different, but it was good. I started with a game where kids had to come up to the front and stand behind a hook that was hanging from the ceiling. It was a big fish hook, and I covered the sharp end with gum, so they wouldn't stab their eyes out. Then we put donuts on the hook and the point was to see who could eat the most donut without having it fall off the hook. It was fun watching them try to eat it.

Nathan led worship and did a totally unplugged set. They didn't have microphones or their guitars plugged in. It was quiet, but it was really cool because you were able to hear the kids singing. Usually the music is so loud you can't hear people singing, but yesterday, you could really hear the kids singing. It was awesome.

Charles brought the message, and he talked about living as a child of the king. If God is the king, and He is our father, then that would make us princes, so we should live as princes. So often, we live outside of God's kingdom as someone who shouldn't even be in the kingdom at all. He used an example from the Lion King. Simba believed lies that his uncle told him, and he ended up leaving his kingdom. He ate grubs and bugs instead of the meals that a prince should eat. Until Rafiki (not sure how to spell that...I guess I could look it up, but whatever) the monkey came and told him to look at the reflection in the water. Simba said he saw himself, and it was nothing. Then the monkey said, "look harder," and then Simba saw his dad, Musafa, in the reflection. Then he went back to reclaim his kingdom.

So often, we believe lies about ourselves that keeps us from living how God wants us to, as His children. When we should see God's reflection when we see ourselves, many times we see nothing.

I think Charles did a good job in bringing this message, and I hope the kids caught what he was saying to them.

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