Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They're Coming to Your Town!!!

I read a post from the Friendly Atheist about a video from the American Family Association called "They're Coming to Your Town." Here's the description of the video:

Residents of the small Arkansas town of Eureka Springs noticed the homosexual community was growing. But they felt no threat. They went about their business as usual. Then, one day, they woke up to discover that their beloved Eureka Springs, a community which was known far and wide as a center for Christian entertainment--had changed. The City Council had been taken over by a small group of homosexual activists.

The Eureka Springs they knew is gone. It is now a national hub for homosexuals. Eureka Springs is becoming the San Francisco of Arkansas. The story of how this happened is told in the new AFA DVD “They’re Coming To Your Town.”

One of the first actions of the homosexual controlled City Council was to offer a “registry” where homosexuals could register their unofficial “marriage.” City Council member Joyce Zeller said the city will now be promoted, not as a Christian resort, but a city “selling peace, relaxation, history and sex.”

AFA’s “They’re Coming ToYour Town” documents the story of how and why this happened. And how homosexual activists plan to do the same in other towns.

Order a copy of “They’re Coming To Your Town.” Watch it. Then take the 28-minute DVD and share it with your Sunday School class and local church. This is a story the liberal media will never tell, but one you need to know.
This makes me sad in my stomach. I watched the trailer for this video and it was a scare tactic. It was like homosexuals are more dangerous than terrorists in Afghanistan. I believe the Bible. I trust what God says, but I don't see where God says we are to live in fear. Do you believe that God is bigger than any political agenda? I do. I believe also that God wants us to love people, so when we start making an "us vs. them" mentality, that separates us and shows hatred. I know it's not intended to be hatred, but I feel that's how it comes across.

And even though I don't want my son being taught some of the things in school that are against the Bible, I feel there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Making a video as though homosexuals are an evil group coming to overtake your city is ridiculous. It's like they are a bunch of extraterrestrials who are coming to take over the planet. I guess I've ranted long enough.

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